About Nathan & Compass Capital: Recent years has seen the rapid rise of the “Robo-Advisor”. Many traditional financial planners are feeling threatened as investors adopt this new technology at an unforeseen pace. At Compass Capital Management Group, we instead believe that this new wave of technology is providing an opportunity to better serve clients. With an office location in between San Francisco and Silicon Valley, our average client is far too busy trying to balance work and personal life to even consider meeting with a financial planner on a regular basis. Instead, our firm is embracing financial technology as a means of providing our clients an array of easy to use financial resources that can be accessed at their own convenience at any time. These include: a live financial modeling dashboard, live investment performance, up to date education center and more. Combining these technologies with an action oriented, calendar based approach to financial planning we feel that our financial services model is the bridge between the traditional advisor and the “Robo-Advisor”.

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